Hostinger Review 2021 — | Cheap Hosting, Perfect For Beginners

An Amazing Price For An Amazing Hosting.

Hostinger is perfect for beginners because it’s very cheap and easy to use. Further, I will discuss Hostinger services, pricing, and performance.

First of all, what is web hosting? Web Hosting service provides a server to publish your blog, service, products globally through a custom domain. It will show your presence worldwide by just clicking on your URL. And to avail, themselves of the different types of services must pay for hosting services.

Hostinger is unambiguously the cheapest and credible option available for web hosting so far. With a price starting at $0.99/mo. On the other hand, if we find alternates then definitely it will be higher than this price. I am Presenting a quick overview of Hostinger for those who are in haste and curious about Hostinger. They can conclude it from stats, but I highly recommend reading the blog thoroughly because it worths knowing more about your Web hosting service provider.
Plans For Everyone

Hostinger Web Hosting Glimpse.

  1. Global Performace Grade: A+
  2. Free SSL: Available
  3. WordPress Install: One Click
  4. Money-Back Guarantee: 30 Days
  5. Uptime: 99.99%
  6. Services: Shared, VPS, Cloud Hosting, WordPress hosting, Windows VPS
  7. Payment Method: Paypal, Credit card, Crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin)


Most of the time, when we decide to purchase anything it always depends on the price. High price indicates privileged services and low price indicates limited services fair enough but it also affects service quality as well. What if I told you that Hostinger is a platform where you can find the cheapest price with high quality of service, sounds good. Let’s talk about Hostinger’s features and services.

Hostinger provides Shared hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, Windows VPS. I am going to explain shared hosting a bit more because for beginners it must be a healthy step for a business to startup with shared hosting.

There are three types of shared hosting plans available single shared hosting. Premium shared hosting and Business shared hosting. All of these mentioned plans are working at Hostinger’s own control panel which is known as h-Panel. h-panel gives a comfortable and easy way to install WordPress even many other content management systems (CMS). Hostinger Has a drag-and-drop website builder mechanism Zyro but it’s not included in these three packages as I am going to mention below as well. It will be a separate purchase if someone wants to make the website effortless but hPanel is super easy and beginners can handle it on fingertips with practice and play around options in a couple of days.

Shared Hosting Plans

H-Panel Overview:

As I discussed above that Hostinger has its own Control Panel probably it might be a little bit of change from other hosting services. Simple as we see IOs and Android. You can find easy things that you need. Easy auto-installation although, it is very familiar with what Cpanel offers eventually.


Auto installer at cPanel is working with Softaculous. That allows you to clone and set up a staging version of your website. H-Panel defines a great option with auto WordPress installation but unfortunately dropping some extra perks as I mentioned cPanel has.

Free SSL Certificate:

Everyone must need an SSL certificate. Maybe as a beginner, you never know the importance of an SSL certificate. Let me explain to you. Whenever you visit any Website, there is a small lock image before the URL. Which means a particular website is safe for visitors. And when you don’t have an SSL Certificate, it will mention this site is not secure. Now there are some purposes of this certificate if you are not using an SSL certificate which means you are giving hackers a chance to steal your information. On the other hand, you also put your visitor’s privacy at risk.

Whenever you want to buy a plan, even from any web hosting service provider. Please! Check it double whether an SSL Certificate is attached. In case an SSL Certificate is not included, you should purchase it. Without an SSL Certificate, results will be harmful.

High Quality In low Price

Easy to use:

However, Hostinger provides an uncomplicated dashboard for users. But there is a bit more to share my experience. As I discussed above, Hostinger is the cheapest one with high quality of service. Due to this reason, Hostinger’s business relies on dragging you towards upgrades and purchasing some extras. It may make you confused. Maybe you get annoyed by this but in my opinion, if they are providing good service at a low price, then they also want to earn more, Fair enough. Besides this, all plans are broached. Hostinger’s never teasing their user to collect irrelevant data, Strictly professional behavior, and happy to tell you all they ask on signup your Name, Email id, and password.

Installation of WordPress and Domain:

All shared hosting packages are visible above, a hassle-free approach for shared hosting plans, you can check here. Before I divert you to WordPress installation, I want to add some words about the Domain name. You are a beginner and want to start with a minimum package like a single shared hosting plan. Then you must purchase a domain name because a single shared hosting Plan is domainless. Hostinger also provides this service, but you have to pay extra only in a single sharing hosting plan. However, it’s your free will to purchase from Hostinger or visit NameCheap, GoDaddy, for a domain. By the way, there are a lot of service providers for domain names google it.

However, you purchase a domain name from other service providers rather than Hostinger. Don’t worry about linking your domain with Hostinger. Such an easy and fast to apply, have a look at an image below where you can put your domain name and connect with a server hassle-free.

What about WordPress? Hostinger makes things easier to do. Don’t worry you can install WordPress while signing up but I prefer you must try after signing up via auto-installer. Below I will provide a sample image to make you understand how simple this is, especially comparing other web hosting service providers. What you need is just open an auto-installer and pick WordPress and install it as simple as that. Easy way to start your website in a minute.

Hosting with h-Panel is very easy:

Even though you have a website with a domain name so far. A lot of work still is waiting for you, Because purchasing a Hosting plan with a domain is not enough to publish your website worldwide. It still needs some work to do about setting up an email account, manual backups, managing the database, and so on. Don’t you worry about all this manageable stuff you will get all these functions while using h-Panel.

If we compare Hostinger panels with other cPanels then I prefer Hostinger because it is easy with big icons to understand. But as I discussed before some upgrade pop-ups will make you disturb, it’s common to drag users towards upgraded versions.


This bar isn’t raised manually, Sometimes even when you log in to your panel this type of pop-up will emerge. Hostinger is always trying to push users for an upgrade. You have to be prepared to close these kinds of pop-ups. I am giving you a tip: never think that this upgrade will affect your panel or you must upgrade, so just shut down the pop-up without thinking about what will happen.


Speed and uptime are the foundation for users. When we talk about shared Hosting plans, many Web Hosting Service providers will fail to provide uptime as they promise. Because in shared web hosting we are sharing servers, sometimes more than a hundred users.

I am glad to publish that Hostinger fulfills uptime promises deliberately, even much more than comparing any other web hosting service provider’s uptime. To make you understand unambiguously and give you an idea about speed is like, the average time of loading a full-fledged landing page is 1.55s. However, experts tested over a few months’ result of uptime was 99,99% which is incredible compared to others.


24/7/365 Chat Support is available. This helps to solve technical issues to get your website up and running Anytime.

Pay with Crypto(optional)

Bottom Line:

More than 30 million people around the globe have given Hostinger the privilege of providing their services. Hostinger is the cheapest and affordable option for all, especially for newbies. Shared hosting plans are worth investing your money, your time, your concentration. When we talk about speed and execution, it’s incredible so far. While it’s not offering most of the featured-pack, trust me Hostinger is an outstanding option to start and what you need.

Should you go for it? If you’re planning to buy some shared hosting plan for a small business, blog, or Amazon affiliate products then definitely my answer is YES.

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